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What is the energy transition?

The energy transition currently underway is a transformational switch away from fussil fuels and into renewable and clean sources of energy.
The shift to electric vehicles is a core part of this transition to sustainable energy.
The European Commission goal is for Europe to have three million electric vehicle charge points by 2030.
Chargepoint Europe aims to make this transition as easy and cost-effective as possible, as our customers make their journey to carbon neutrality by the middle of the century.

About Chargepoint Europe

Chargepoint Europe was founded in 2007 and is based in Zevenaar near Arnhem, in the Netherlands. We have built a customer base which includes local governments, private companies, parking service providers and shared mobility providers in Europe. Our charging infrastructure is installed in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and other European countries.
We have won the prestigious ETOP Innovation Award and we were recognised among the top 100 most innovative SME companies.
When you buy Chargepoint Europe charge points, you are choosing high end solutions. We use top quality internal components from leading manufacturers and thicker wires than most of our competitors. This ensures our charge points keep on working under any usage conditions. Our products are modular so components can be upgraded and updated, which guarantees that your units remain future-proof.

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