Chargepoint Europe

Chargepoint Europe was founded in 2007 and is based in Zevenaar near Arnhem, in the Netherlands. We have built a customer base which includes local governments, private companies, parking service providers and shared mobility providers in Europe. Our charging infrastructure is installed in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and other European countries.


That means plastics, plastic assembly parts and plastic semi-finished products. faigle has been writing plastics history for more than 50 years. In doing so, we have substantially influenced the development of new plastics as well as new plastics technologies.

faigle has proven its competence with numerous own patents and a host of first class application solutions. Today, the pioneering spirit of the founder years continues to mark the company's high degree of readiness for innovation.

TB Blau

From market niche to business idea - that is the success story of Technoprofil, founded in 1977. The managers in the past, among other things Mr. Dieter Blau, recognized industry's need for individual solutions for the implementation of profile sections and machined parts. With customer oriented problem solutions, Technoprofil has earned an unmistakable profile for itself in the market till now. Customers have profited from the comprehensive knowledge and experience Technoprofil has accumulated in the course of its over 20-year history in the process technology and production sector. This also includes the search for and implementation of suitable materials, which Technoprofil develops and tests itself. Among the methods used to test the guaranty and safety of the solutions we develop are elastomer-based finite element calculations. This saves you time and costs.

Gifas Electric

GIFAS-ELECTRIC stands nowadays for European wide activities on manufacturing and sales of premium all rubber products.

GIFAS creating connections

This is the motto of GIFAS-ELECTRIC GmbH. As a complete solution provider of electro technical products with a continuous improvement we grant a solution for the individual customer challenge.

Engagement and Innovation are key terms for us. Flexibility, continuity and reliability count for our strength.

We understand ourselves as an optimizer. One step ahead for our customer means one step ahead for us. Therewith we are strictly orientated on the demands and requirements of our customers.

The task is solved if the customer is fully satisfied.

We would like to support you with a prove of both our service quality and the quality of our goods. We create new connections - future orientated connections.